Thursday, January 26, 2012


Buku novel nie Ira beli mase pameran buku 1Malaysia dekat universiti hari tu jugak... :) hehe.. Buku nie 
kisah dye pasal lukisan-lukisan dan seni-seni.. Caner conflict yang ade dalam satu office yang berkaitan ngan seni nie berjalan.. Cinte boss ngan assistant.. Cinte boss ngan budak LI zaman dulu2.. Tapi ape yang boss tu tak tahu, budak LI tu da jadi boss cam dye jugak dan dye tak kenal.. jAdi budak LI tu balas dendam sebab pernah mempermainkan dye... Dan banyak lagi kisah dalam buku nie.. :) 

Book Review

Book title : Priceless
Author  : Olivia Darling
Publisher : The Random House Publishing Group
Genre : Fiction;Arts;Adult
Pages : 399 pages
Price : RM 33.90
Review :

Three women with nothing in common but a taste for the good life and a shared history of betrayal are about to find out just how far they'll go to make a name for themselves in the glamorous world of fine art. A place where the stakes are high but the rewards can be priceless.

Young ambitious, Lizzy Duffy, is determined to become a successful auctioneer - even if it means sleeping her way to the top. But when she suspects that her boss is using her, Lizzy wastes no time in plotting the ultimate revenge. Fine art expert Carrie Klein has come a long way in her career. Now she's ready to take the London art scene by storm and show her rival she's not the naive woman once took advantage of. And in a drafty farmhouse, impoverished artist Serena Macdonald struggles to support her young daughter by forging Old Master which ends up at auction. When her secret is discovered, Serena's fate may depend on her ability to fabricate one last masterpiece.