Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Ira Grilled Cheeze

Wohh... Grilled Cheeze... makan bila tGh lapAr n sejUk... sedappp~ Actually this one, my brother made some n ira kind of modified cket.. haaa... :) lets check it out! :)

NyuMMy.. gOoie...CHeeSE~

Bahan-bahan :

1) Prego sauce ( Mushroom or Bolognaise... )
2) Lettuce / Salad
3) CheeeZeeee ( yang keping2.. )
4) bread... Roti bantal...
5) Pepperoni/ chicken meat/ tuna meat
6) OnioN... Bawang besarr.. or in my language : bawang BakoNg

LEt's prePare :

1) take the bread.. spread some pregO..
2) letak meat, salad, bawang, cheeze....
3) add some more prego on top.... lapis ag ngan roti...
4) ambik frying pan, bubuh butter cket... n goreng both sidees until golden brown.. n the cheeze looking gloowiee..


kalu nak lagi special, 

1) beat an egg and add pepper & salt...

2) celup roti yang tebal tdi tu dalam telur

3) goreng ngan butter+minyak sederhana...

4) nyumMMy!